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New Books
Easy origami
What happens at a funeral?
Who do people vote for?
What is voting?
Who can vote?
How do people vote?
What happens when my parent dies?
What happens when my parent is in jail?
Why do my parents fight?
Spending and saving money
A recycled-art mission
The gay rights movement
Bugs and errors with Wreck-it Ralph
Algorithms with Disney Frozen
The science of cars : [a cars discovery book]
Looping with Finding Dory
Let it grow : a Frozen guide to gardening
Money in the bank
Save, spend, or share
Dollars and cents
Who was Selena?
Melania Trump : First Lady of the United States
Mend : a story of divorce
Blood moon
After the war is over : a novel
PR for poets : a guidebook to publicity and marketing
Billy Stuart and the Zintrepids
The night door
The door to the lost
Blood and bone
The eleventh trade
The bottle imp of Bright House
The bigfoot files
Dark days
Bones of the Sun God